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Our products are trusted and used by famous sport athletes.

The Best Quality to suit the best Champions

Our Tiens Ambassadors are world-wide known professional athletes, with a long

history of Tiens products usage. This is exactly where our main focus comes from: winners as

consumers of health-winning food supplements.


Laura Traets is 24 years old Olympic Gold Medalist (2020 Tokyo) to gether with the team of Bulgarian Rhythmic Gymnasts. 

“I started using Tiens products 2 years ago!”

Laura says about her beginning with us, “Being an Olympic Champion is not an easy title to carry; that’s why I started my collaboration with Tiens and I can truly say that I’m delighted with the Tiens team and of course, with the amazing products.”

“I always start my day with a Vigor Shot sachet” the Olympic Champion continues, “as it gives me the right amount of energy and power in the morning.”

“I must say that my favourite Tiens product is the Collagen Glow Shot.. In the sport that I’m practicing, rhythmic gymnastics, a flexible and in shape body is the most important part and a main focus of mine. That’s why I never miss a day without taking one Collagen sachet!”


     ADAM MAROSI     

Adam Marosi is a Modern Pentathlon Olympic Bronze Medalist and a 2 times Modern Pentathlon World Champion from Hungary.

 “I began to use Tiens food supplements on a daily basis, and I slowly saw improvements in my trainings” Adam says, “You see, I have 3 trainings per day and I really do need the boost of extra energy from the Tiens products”.

He continues: “The supplements I use are also my favourite ones: I always drink a Vigor Shot sachet before my training, so that will be 3 times per day. Due to the fact that I have a special diet- I am a semi-vegetarian, the vitamins intake is very important for me. For this, before going to sleep I’m taking one Tiens Fizzy, and start my mornings with one Cordyceps capsule and one Zinc. Depending on what I’m eating, I like to mix the Calcium powder with my porridge”

“The Tiens product I can not live without? That will be Cordycafe, for sure. From its amazing taste to its amazing qualities, not a single day goes by without drinking it- health and energy from one product.”



2008 Beijing Olympic Games Vice-champion, multiple World and European Champion, four-time World Cup Winner. A referee of Modern Pentathlon.

Although I finished my professional career in 2012, I haven‘t forgotten sports. I am active every day: running, playing football, strengthening my muscles, cycling. Since I live in the old town of Vilnius, I have to walk a lot. I walk or cycle everywhere. After a very busy day, I want to have a good rest and relax. But at night my muscles used to twitch. I decided to start taking TIENS FIZZY FORTE.  After a short period of taking these effervescent tablets regularly in the evenings, I can now sleep soundly and get a good night‘s rest. 

TIENS VIGOR SHOT is a great help against colds and strengthens my immunity, especially when the weather is so changeable and erratic.



Thank You Making it BIG for our Brand