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From consumer to business partner...

Have you enjoyed our products and are ready to explore what more TIENS can offer?

Become a business partner, gradually increase product  discounts and  benefit from better purchase price. Want more benefits?

Set your small business with TIENS and  build your own sales network and benefit from their purchases as well.

Why to become a business partner?


  • You will enter one business with multiple ventures opportunities;

    ü  Your permanent discount starts at 20%;

    ü  7 different types of commissions paid out on weekly or monthly bases;

    ü  Sales bonus from your network sublines is limits free;

    ü  You are master of your time & schedule;

    ü  No hidden volumes obligations;

    ü  Virtual office – work from anywhere with internet access using our mobile app Vshare or laptop; 

  • Country is no limit, with us you can build interntional team easily;

    ü  Once needed, your business can be inherited by your close relative;

    ü  With us you have strong, international partner backing you up;

    ü  We support you with proffesional tranings and educational tools;

    ü  You are free to join our multiple incentive programs, such us travel vouchers and cash awards and use dedicated tools to grow your business;

Sounds to good to be true? Try yourself and succeed with us. You can start your own TIENS business as an extension  and over time switch to a full-time. We will support you along your way to your success story.

Business partnership is great opportunity for all no matter if you search for an additional income or setting up own successful business.


Let's compare Your Career options: 



Benefit from the seven different commissions:


1.       Commissions paid weekly to pay for your current job:

-          Sponsor bonus

-          Development bonus

-          Coaching Bonus



2.       Monthly commissions that you can use to build long-term wealth and a steady income:

-          Sales bonus

-          Excellence bonus (Regional Dividend Share)

-          Honorary bonus

+ Special Award bonuses