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Quality Nutritional Supplements | TIENS - Your Natural Choice

TIENS - Your Natural Choice

Tiens products are used by tennis players, gymnasts, pentathletes, runners, boxers, etc – some of them being the best in their sport discipline. 
In the sports world, there are strict
requirements related to nutritional intake and supplementation for all athletes – and this refers to no doping!

At Tiens we believe that our supplements should be accessible to everyone.
This being said, we ensured that our food
supplements are completely free of prohibited substances, so

that the professional athletes using them can strive to deliver top performances without worrying.
Tiens products are naturally effective, having bioactive extracts, without fillers or toxic ingredients.
That is why we had the supplements listed below independently approved by a world leader in the food industry: the Tiens Laboratory in Hungary.
Many of our supplements are now in the proud possession of the Doping-Free certificate!

Food Supplements

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