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Hydrogen Water Sprayer OLS-BO2 Beauty Instrument

Water is a crucial component of the skin. It constitutes about 65 percent of skin tissue. Every skin cell depends on water. From the mechanism of providing a protective barrier against infections and removal toxins, to preventing loss of moisture and regulating body temperature, proper hydration and nutrition of the skin are key elements to keeping the body healthy, strong and youthful. TIENS has introduced a smart, fashionable device – the Hydrogen Water Sprayer – which generates hydrogen-rich water to hydrate and protect the skin against external factors such as air pollution or sunlight, which could lead to the formation of free radicals and damage cells. Skin damage caused by oxidative stress can lead to premature skin aging, formation of wrinkles, and other skin problems. Hydrogen Water Sprayer, built with high quality titanium-platinum electrodes, produces hydrogen-rich water by means of high-efficiency water electrolysis. The hydrogen-rich water, abundant in hydrogen H2 compou

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