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Health Device

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Health Pillow TQ-Z16

Helping to normalise the biological magnetic fields in the human body and improving your sleep quality.

PV: 225.00

BV: 175.00

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Qi Balancer II

The best combination of Traditional Chinese Medicine and modern high technology patented technique, opened a new path in human health field.

PV: 126.00

BV: 98.00

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Tiens Health Blanket

Sleep is crucial for our physical and mental health. It plays a critical role in the functioning of our immune system, and many more.
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PV: 360.00

BV: 280.00

In stock

Tiens Multi-function Fridge Purifier

Removing unpleasant odors, disinfection and freshness preservation of food.
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PV: 99.00

BV: 77.00

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