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Spirulina Capsules

Spirulina is a dietary supplement with a broad activity. The high content of easily absorbable protein, vitamins, minerals and other substances essential for the human body render it the food of the 21st century. It is exactly for its unique nutritional value that spirullin enriches the diet of astronauts during space expeditions.
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Spirulina first appeared on earth some 3.5 billion years ago, and is one of the oldest lifeforms on the planet. It is naturally present in shallow ponds and lakes of highly basic pH and high salinity - in Africa, Asia and South America. TIENS Spirulina is derived from the Chenghai lake in Yunnan Province in China. It is a pure area free of pollutants.

The biomass of these blue-green cyanobacteria was already part of the diet of Aztecs as well African tribes living around Lake Chad. For the present-day man, spirulina was discovered in 1940, and since mid-1960s has been researched in depth. That is how its composition, rich nutritional value and health benefits are known.




The preparation contains the extract of Arthrospira platensis - one of spirulina species. Up to 55-70 percent of Spirulina composition is easily digestible protein (including all exogenous amino acids, those the body cannot synthesise on its own, and hence must be provided with food). Furthermore, spirulina contains numerous polysaccharides (glucosamine, glycogen), easily assimilable macro- and micro-elements (iron, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, zinc, selenium, chromium, copper), vitamins (of the B-group as well as C, D and E), unsaturated fatty acids (GLA – gamma-linolenic acid), pigments (including carotenoids, chlorophyll, xantophylls and phycocyanin). It has been scientifically proven that spirullin does not contain toxic compounds produced by other cyanobacteria.


The cellular walls of spirulina cells do not contain cellulose, that is why their contents are readily absorbed (between 85 and 95%) - much more efficiently than in the case of animal or plant protein.



The medicinal properties of spirulina have been studied in great detail and proven experimentally. The consumption of Spirulina benefits many vital functions of the human body:

- The blue pigment (phycocyanin) present in Arthrospira platensis enhances the body’s capacity to neutralise free radicals (excess amount of free radicals weakens immunity, accelerates ageing and creates favourable conditions for many chronic diseases), by supporting the body’s natural defenceThe activity of phycocyanin is enhanced by other natural antioxidants contained in spirulina such as beta-carotene or the essential gamma-linolenic fatty acid (GLA).

- Boosts the body’s general endurance by increasing the number of antibody-producing cells.

Helps balance blood lipids. - Another compound present in spirulina - chlorophyll - promotes healthy bowel movements.

- Consumption of Spirulina helps keep proper body weight. It speeds up metabolism and stops fat buildup.

- Has antiallergic properties - alleviates symptoms of hay fever.

- Supports blood cell production in the bone marrow.

- Improves the balance of intestinal flora.

- Contributes to relieve of gastrointestinal disorders.

- As a source of easy-to-absorb iron, it prevents anaemia as well as effectively treats it.

- Improves skin and mucous membrane regeneration.

- Used it cosmetology, it is very well absorbed by human tissues since the chemical composition of spirulina’s cytoplasm is similar to human plasma. In the form of a mask it works to regenerate, firm and rejuvenate skin.

- Thanks to its rich content and nutritional properties it is the perfect dietary supplement for vegetarians and vegans, the elderly, convalescents and people on a low-protein diet.



2capsules three times a day.