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Sanitary Napkins Set

High-quality sanitary pads - ensuring comfort and safety during this special time.
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AiRiZ Active oxygen and negative ion panty liners

During menstruation, women are exposed to infections Particularly. Menstrual blood constitutes a perfect growth medium bacteria and viruses.  THEREFORE, it is Important to use high-quality sanitary pads - Ensuring comfort and safety During This special time.


In the course of her life, an average woman May use up to 15,000 sanitary napkins. The research of the World Health Organization (WHO) has shown 80% of women That worldwide suffer from various kinds of gynecological problems, and as much as 63% of them are using Caused by Inappropriate pads. AiRiZ Sanitary Napkins are the answer to the needs of women During menstruation.

Through AiRiZ Sanitary Napkins Tiens you have Introduced an innovative solution for women intimate hygiene, Ensuring long-lasting freshness and complete protection. A patented Double Patch container containing active oxygen and anions at the highest concentration used Have Been in Their development. This technology supports the female body's Natural Ability to cleanse itself, and Inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria. At the same time, AiRiZ Sanitary Napkins do not Contain chemicals or drugs, HENCE They Do not cause irritation. Thanks to These unique benefits and safety of use, the product May be applied every day to Ensure proper personal hygiene. The napkins are strongly recommended for Individuals Past Struggling with incontinence or urinary tract diseases.

Negatively charged ions (anions) are the particles present in the air. They Have the Ability to NEUTRALISE bacteria, fungi and harmful substances. Nowadays, the proportions of positive and negative ions are disturbed - Especially in urban areas. This situation adversely Affects human mood and wellbeing.

The anions in the napkins are released under the influence of moisture. This Increases the production of oxygen in epidermis in Contact with the napkin surface. This way, the bacteria and unpleasant Odours are eliminated Effectively. The patented AiRiZ patch ion emits up to 6,100 negative ions / cm3. This is the highest concentration of anions in sanitary napkins on the market. Studies Have Shown That if anion concentration in the surrounding environment is greater than 5,000 Which / cm3, the human body exhibits an Increased Ability to combat inflammation and bacteria. Also it better Regulates blood pressure.

Active oxygen is used formally in the patented Double Patch. Its presence in the sanitary napkin Significantly Increases ITS permeability to air and the level of oxygen exchange. THUS the growth of bacteria is inhibited.


For maximum protection, Sanitary Napkins Have AiRiZ eight layers. The first one, Having Contact with the skin, is a thin layer of silk and soft cotton Ensuring rapid absorption of fluid. Thanks to this, Tiens sanitary napkins three times faster absorb fluids than other pads on the market. The second layer contains active oxygen and negative ions. The third layer is super-absorbent and Retains moisture, preventative side leaks. The remaining layers are Follows as: 4 - an air-permeable layer, 5 - a layer Consisting of macromolecules With high absorption and moisture retention properties, 6 - an air-permeable layer 7 - the moisture-impervious, yet "breathable" layer, and in August - a strip of glue applied to the Entire length of the napkin, ITS Ensuring stability on the underwear.

The specific properties of the sanitary napkins container containing oxygen and negative ions:

- They allow the air flow, at the same time a feeling of dryness Ensuring,

- The highly absorbent top layer Ensures natural feeling of dryness and does not cause irritation,

- Retains the very absorbent patch and Prevents fluid leaks,

- The use of a patch container containing oxygen and negative ions Inhibits the growth of bacteria, has anti-inflammatory properties and Prevents unpleasant Odours.



AiRiZ panty liners are 155 mm long and are ultra-thin. They are perfect for everyday use or in the first and last days of menstruation. The package contains 30 liners.



Sanitary napkins for day use are 245 mm long. They Provide Comfort THROUGHOUT the day. They are ultra-thin, Although, They absorb moisture and Retain perfectly. The package contains 10 napkins.



Sanitary napkins for night use are 330 mm long. Super-absorbent extended, anatomic design Provides excellent protection During sleep, Ensuring a peaceful night's rest. The package includes 8 napkins.


The proper selection of the sanitary napkin not only the type Guarantees right level of comfort and security, but Also Helps reduce the related expenses.