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TIENS Aura Energy Stone

TIENS Aura Energy Stone Tiens Aura Energy is a crystal that gathers a large variety of universal mineral materials, which is rich of energy and microcrystalline ions. With more than 70 microelements contained, the Aura-Energy is produced under the high temperature and can release natural power of universe at an ultra-high vibrating speed of 299 000 kc /sec. Its wavelength matches perfectly with normal temperature of human body (36℃~37℃) and can penetrate the skin as deep as 35 centimetres. The Anions released by the Aura-Energy can be breathed into body through your skin, while neutralize those positive ions coming out of fatigue and discomfort, which as a result brings an extensive variety of functions like adjust the balance of electrical potential, relieve fatigue, improve sleep quality, soothe nerve, speed up the blood circulation and much more.

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