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'BETTER YOU' - Glow Collagen Starter Pack. Offer includes: - 4 boxes of GLOW Collagen Shots - 60 sachets of liposomal collagen shots, - 2 months supply, - 25% discount for the pack. About TIENS GLOW: TIENS Glow Collagen shot contains hydrolysed form of marine collagen – collagen peptides, which are the most natural form of collagen for our body to absorb and utilise. In addition it is formulated with fresh ginseng extract, manuka honey and purple carrot juice – natural ingredients that are known to have extraordinarily high contents of antioxidants and other, potent active compounds. Both the skin, where collagen makes up about 75% of the dry weight and provides volume that keeps the skin looking supple, and the joints benefit from collagen supply to the body. Why we need to supplement collagen? As we get older, collagen levels naturally begin to deplete, with side effects including wrinkled skin, weight gain, and painful joints. How long does it take for collagen to work for skin

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