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Health Pillow TQ-Z16

Helping to normalise the biological magnetic fields in the human body and improving your sleep quality.
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An average person spend About one third of his / her life sleeping on a pillow. THEREFORE it is so Important to choose proper pillow to keep Which Serves the upper body in alignment During sleep, relieving pressure and counterbalancing the points in the body. Tiens Health Pillow Helps to normalize the biological magnetic fields in the human body, your sleep quality Improves and Makes You will feel relaxed and slept well after night You have a lot of energy.



Traditional Chinese Medicine sleep claims to be the MOST expensive and Least Widely available method of staying healthy, One That Also Promotes longevity. Western medicine appreciates the value of sleep as well, and recognises it as a basic requirement of the human body. It is crucial for the health of Both Body and Mind. Sleep regenerates the body, HENCE ITS Have a negative impact deficiencies on our mood and look. One of the main functions of sleep is "turning off" the activity of the Central nervous system. During esta commences its "restoration", ie the brain repairs any "damage" as well as memorises new information. This IMPLIES sleep cleanses the brain, and various biochemical During Mechanisms, Which are responsible for long-term memory. Also Sleep Affects the function of the immune system and secretion of Certain hormones, eg growth hormone. According To Traditional Chinese Medicine, toxins are eliminated through the sleep During action of the lymphatic system, liver, lungs and the large intestine. Each of the elimination stages OCCURS Between 9pm and 7am - in two-hour cycles, it is Important That THEREFORE sleep is not disturbed During esta period. Otherwise, the toxins will not be fully eliminated, and This Will Reflect on how we feel.

Tiens Health Pillow, based on the Traditional Chinese Medicine, is shaped to Provide Especially perfect support for the cervical spine. It is made of light and soft wool pearl That Keeps it in proper shape. Because of the wool's elastic properties, the pillow offers strong support to the neck, while putting less pressure on the cervical vertebrae and such Prevents gravity-Caused During sleep neck strain. Thanks to a combination of magnetic field, infrared light and negative ions the pillow supports the proper function of the cells in the body and Improves Their oxygenation. Sleeping with Tiens Health Pillow May help balance the biological magnetic field of the human body, fatigue relief, improve increase the length and quality of sleep.



Antibacterial fabric - clean sleeping environment without limits

Tiens Health Pillow is made of tourmaline antibacterial fabric, Which has passed the inspection of SGS authentication accreditation. It can restrain the growth of Effectively bacteria and is free of formaldehyde.

Jade - help to calm and soothe nerves

Jade can Stimulate the nerve points and providing rest for brain cells. It calms and soothes the nerves.

Amethystine - natural sedative

The Natural amethystine can Facilitate the activating of collateral channels and help in case of insomnia and sleep quality Improve.

Far infrared negative ion and Tiens Energy Stars at the neck position

The far infrared ray has the function of Promoting blood circulation, get through the micro circulation and accelerating regeneration of cells and emphasize the neck discomfort. The negative ion has bactericidal function, kills mites, air clears, balance Helps circulation, removes fatigue, relaxes the muscle of neck and shoulders.

Particle network - breathable and hypoallergenic fabric

The particle network is colorful knitted With high-strength polyester yarns, the mesh has uniform density and is hypoallergenic for skins. The fabric has a high air permeability. At the same time, combined With the embroidery technique, the product looks very nice and is useful.

EPE foam (Pearl wool) - lightweight and resistant to shock

Pearl wool is light, soft and with good buffer performance, Which can add the neck's supporting strength, THUS can ease the pressure to the neck, then a neck reduces the gravity During Been Hurt from sleep.



According To Traditional Chinese Medicine, Tianshi Health Pillow :

  • Supports the cervical vertebra
  • alleviates fatigue
  • Helps calm the nerves

Helps to Improve sleep.