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Cordyceps Capsules

The properties of cordyceps, the ’miraculous fungus’, have been known in Chinese medicine since ancient times. The most recent scientific research confirms these claims pointing to numerous qualities of Cordyceps sinesnsis that boost natural defence, body functions and overall well-being.

PV: 39.60

BV: 39.60

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Digest Nature Tablet

Boosting the proper functioning of the digestive system.

PV: 27.00

BV: 27.00

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FOS Syrup

In traditional Chinese medicine a great deal of attention is paid to the proper function of the digestive system. According to the Chinese this is the foundation of health. Hence the popularity of supplements that can improve digestion. TIENS FOS Syrup is among them.

PV: 7.20

BV: 7.20

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Garlic Oil Softgels

Garlic was already valued for its antibacterial properties in ancient times. For centuries, it was cultivated in central Asia, India and in China. Although in many countries nowadays it is used mainly as a spice, garlic has also become an important material in the manufacturing of natural food supplement products.

PV: 21.33

BV: 21.33

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Lipid Metabolic Management Tea

Lipid Metabolic Management Tea Chinese Version - 40 Bags TIENS is a body-vitalising mix of herbs, which contains gynostemma. ”Southern Ginseng” – as the Chinese also refer to it, has been considered a miracle herb in China for centuries. It is said its energising and immunity-boosting properties were utilised by the first emperor of the Qin dynasty – Qin Shi Huang.

PV: 13.95

BV: 13.95

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Honey is the not the only perfect fruit of bees’ labour. These extremely beneficial insects produce also bee glue known as propolis. Propolis was used even by the ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Assyrians, most often as a wound-healing substance, a booster of the immune system and for ailments of the digestive tract.

PV: 15.47

BV: 15.47

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Rejuvenation capsules

Ikan TIENS combines gynostemma - a Far Eastern “longevity herb” with carrot -popular around the world. This extraordinary combination provides a number of benefits for our health and beauty as the ingredients of the supplement include almost all vitamins, minerals and biologically active compounds, which regulate the function of the body on the cellular level.

PV: 37.80

BV: 37.80

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Sleeping DUO

Millions of people around the world suffer from insomnia. The World Health Organisation has recognised it as a modern-day disease. For those who want to find an answer to this problem, TIENS has created an innovative herbal preparation - TIENS Sleeping Duo, with a bilayer tablet composition, consisting of melatonin, along with california poppy, passion flower, valerian, GABA, vitamins B3 and B6.

PV: 20.91

BV: 20.91

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