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Tianshi Grape Extract Capsules

TIENS Grape Seed Extract is a preparation called ”the longevity pill”. For the substances present in grape seeds are powerful antioxidants — they fight free radicals, this way delaying the ageing process. Research has shown their blood lipid control properties, which can help sustain the heart in a good shape.

PV: 57.60

BV: 57.60

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Tiens Beauty Duo Capsules

TIENS Beauty Duo is a fusion of Chinese herbalism, science, unique know-how and patented technologies. Beauty vitamins and minerals - vitamin C, biotin, zinc and copper contribute to the protection of normal skin and hair. They also contribute to normal fertility and reproduction (zinc) and the regulation of hormonal activity (vitamin B6). Green tea catechins, vitamin C, vitamin E, zinc and copper protect cells from oxidative stress.

PV: 24.00

BV: 24.00

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Tiens Chitosan capsule

TIENS Chitosan is a formula that effectively supports slimming diet. On the one hand it reduces the calorie value of the diet thanks to its unique ability to bind fat particles. On the other hand, by swelling in the stomach it fills it and as a result defeats hunger.

PV: 31.50

BV: 31.50

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TIENS Fizzy Triple Magnesium with Basil Extrac

Magnesium is not without a reason described as the ’element of life’. Its deficiencies reflect both on health and looks. Magnesium is involved in over half of the 600 biochemical processes that take place in the human body. This element plays in preventing and easing many ailments, particularly of the nervous sand cardiovascular systems. It comes as no surprise then it belongs to one the most popular supplements in the world.

PV: 18.00

BV: 18.00

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TIENS Flexi Glucosamine and Agaricus Extract

Joints are exposed to excessive strain every day. Many problems with their function also begin to appear with age, because the structure of the joints is impaired. Therefore is very important to supplement the daily diet with ingredients which necessary for their proper functioning.

PV: 45.00

BV: 45.00

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TIENS KARDI FORTE - Krill Oil with Ginkgo Extract

Omega-3 EPA and DHA from krill and fish oil will contribute to the health of heart, brain and eyes. Ginkgo extract will help to maintain good cognitive function, which will result in preserving better memory with age and protect cells and tissues from oxidation. Iron, zinc and iodine will support energy-yielding metabolism (I), protect cells from oxidative damage (Zn), secure normal oxygen transport in the body (Fe) and suport the normal immune system (Zn, Fe).

PV: 31.50

BV: 31.50

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TIENS Nutrient Calcium Powder Advanced Formula

TIENS SUPER CALCIUM POWDER (ADVANCED FORMULA). Calcium is one of the most important essential minerals. It plays a major role in bone formation and development, helping to prevent bone loss and increasing bone density. Calcium, phosphorus, magnesium are involved in maintaining the normal state of bones and teeth, while vitamin D also helps to better absorb and utilise calcium and phosphorus. Calcium, magnesium and vitamin D are essential for proper muscle function. Key benefits: - maintains strong bones - crucial for healthy teeth - supports normal neuro-transmission - contributes to normal blood clotting - supports normal muscle function - contributes to normal energy-yielding metabolism - maintains normal function of digestive enzymes - plays an important role in the process of cell division and specialisation.

PV: 61.20

BV: 61.20

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TIENS Nutrient Super Calcium Powder (10g x 10)

Calcium is the chemical element that builds and regulates our body. It is responsible for strong teeth and healthy bones. The proper concentration of this element ensures normal blood clotting and skeletal muscles contraction, as well as good night’s sleep and mood. We get recommended amounts of calcium from the food we eat. Sometimes, to avoid calcium deficiencies, a diet supplement should be considered.

PV: 20.70

BV: 20.70

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