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Digest Nature Tablet

Boosting the proper functioning of the digestive system.
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According To the Chinese, a healthy digestive system is the guarantee of health of the Entire body. DESPITE That, due to bad eating habits and excessive stress, we increasingly experience various kinds of stomach and intestinal discomfort. Have Tiens THUS created Digest - naturally boosting supplement the proper Functioning of the digestive system.

One of Chinese proverbs says " kindney efficiency is innate, stomach efficiency - acquired ". Indeed, gastric and digestive problems Are Most Often self-induced. We do not exercise enough, Which slows down the metabolism. We lead a stressful lifestyle. We consume highly processed foods container container containing the bacterial microflora destroy preservatives That of the digestive tract while, in fact, it is the contents of the gut bacterial flora That is crucial for the correct Functioning of the human body. In the digestive tract of a healthy person, the beneficial probiotic bacteria ( Bifidobacterium and Lactobacillus ) dominate. One can find them in fermented dairy products, pharmaceutical preparations and prebiotics. Prebiotics are indigestible food ingredients That Stimulate the growth or activity of bacteria inhabiting the colon and benefiting the health of the host. Prebiotic inulin and polysaccharides include some types of starch resistant to the action of the digestive enzymes. With documented prebiotic oligosaccharides are fructooligosaccharides Among properties (FOS).

"Another Chinese proverb states Arise If the stomach is sick, 100 other diseases ". HENCE, a correct diet supports our wellbeing, and the foods we consume not only the May Contain Appropriate nutritive ingredients, but can help improve increase our health Increase Present. It is mostly plant foods That Have Been Considered pro-health and, for this reason, Have Been named functional foods. Among health-Improving substances are dietary fiber, amino acids, proteins, vitamins and minerals, fatty acids and choline polyunstaurated lecithin, as well as the already-Mentioned bacteria fermentation dairy and oligosaccharides. Many of These Have Been substances included as the ingredients of Tiens Digest in order to support the correct Functioning of the digestive tract in a natural way.



Tiens Digest contains dietary fiber, inulin Including treats, apple pectin and cellulose, but flax seed and anise Simple past as well as live bacterial cultures: Bifidobacterium and Lactobacillus acidophilus .

Dietary fiber, fiber food Also known as, is a set of various substances Including plant cellulose, pectins, lignin or vegetable gums. Fibre ,,, Although not digested by the enzymes of the human digestive tract, Positively Affects Functioning ITS. By absorbing water it swells. It boosts the intestinal peristalsis. Water-soluble pectins are components of dietary fiber found in cell walls of plants diverse. The ones included in the Digest supplement from eating apples. It has-been PROVED That a daily intake of 6 grams of pectin Contributes to Maintaining healthy blood cholesterol levels, while pectin (10 grams) During a meal you consumed reduces the Increase of glucose levels in the blood after the meal.

Flax seed, linseed Also called, is one of the MOST popular products used in medicine natural. It contains a multitude of beneficial ingredients: such as unsaturated fatty acids, fiber, easily-digestible proteins, vitamin B1 and B6 (Which Contribute to the proper protein and glycogen metabolism), magnesium, calcium (Contributing to a proper Functioning of digestive enzymes) iron, zinc (Contributes, Among other things, to the correct metabolism of carbohydrates and fatty acids) as well as one of the components of lecithin - choline (Contributing to a proper lipid metabolism). Flax seed has-been used in herbalism as a gastroprotective agent alleviating ailments of the digestive system.



The ingredients of the preparation exhibit the following actions:

  • intestinal peristalsis boosts fiber, flatulence and defecation Eliminates Facilitates, Improves digestion,
  • the probiotic bacteria supplement the native bacterial flora of the digestive tract,
  • pectin Helps Maintain the proper level of blood cholesterol (provided the daily intake of pectin is 6 grams),
  • flax seed works as a gastroprotective agent,
  • vitamins and minerals found in flax seed Contribute to the proper metabolism of a variety of substances.



Use 2 tablets daily. The preparation is to be taken after a meal. Tablets are to be thoroughly chewed and washed down with a glass of water.