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CILVARIS La Beauté Secrète Portable Apparatus

CILVARIS La Beauty Secrete Portable Apparatus TQ-D27 Revolutionary Technology in Skincare Industry. Radio Frequency Technology.
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CILVARIS La Beauty Secrete
Portable Apparatus TQ-D27

Revolutionary Technology in Skincare Industry
Radio Frequency Technology

What is radio frequency?
The application of radio frequency in facial rejuvenation, such as wrinkle removal,
is also called “Radio Wave Lapping" or “Hot Maggie". Radio frequency (RF), also
known as radio frequency micro-current, is a short form of electromagnetic
wave with high frequency alternating current change.

Radio Frequency Thermal Effect
Radio waves emitted by the radio frequency enter the subcutaneous tissue
and move with the natural resistance of the subcutaneous tissue, causing
a heating effect of the columnar distribution in the deep layer of the skin.

Thermal effects have the dual effect of promoting skin and promoting collagen regeneration
The collagen layer of the dermis immediately produces the principle of contraction at 55-65 ° C. The collagen fibres shrink, so that the loose skin wrinkles are tightened and the collagen is immediately contracted, and the dermis is stimulated to secrete more new collagen. Fibre regeneration, which lifts the skin again.

Ultrasonic Cavitation application in beauty instrument.
The ultrasonic frequency of the beauty instrument is mostly 1000-1200KHZ, or higher.
1. Mechanical vibration: produces a subtle massage effect on the cell membrane and causes the movement of the cytoplasm.
2. Heat effect: skin contacted at the head spreads around the bottom, promotes blood vessel expansion in the skin, enhances metabolism.

- Promote cell metabolism
- Improve cell viability
- Improve cell membrane permeability
- Improve blood and lymph circulation

LED Nano Light
The narrow-spectrum LED light source emits no high heat and does not burn the skin. It converts light energy into intracellular energy, accelerates cell cycle, repairs skin and enhances cell activity.